Monday, March 23, 2009

search engine optimization and search engine marketing

2:28 AM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) use tried & tested processes to make your web site Google friendly. We will Optimize every page of your site & in addition customize your web site from a Search Engine Optimization view point for your industry, adding pages that will significantly increase the quantity & quality of traffic flow into your site.
All the major search engines use two types of scoring to evaluate web site Design, on page & off page. On page is as I have said above just a matter of making sure that your pages are in a format that Google likes to see & values highly. Off page Web Site Design is the second method of valuation for your site, namely "Is your site good enough so that other sites link to it?" Google looks at each & everyone of those links & the "Page Rank" of the site that the link is on & forms an opinion on that basis as to how popular your site is likely to be.

This is not an overnight process however, from first contact to a top ten ranking can take up to a year as building a positive image for your site is a cumulative ongoing process that cannot be rushed.You should treat anyone who claims quick results with caution as it is not possible within the strict parameters set by Google. Only by combining all of the above mentioned factors can you build your Page Rank within Google & thus feature well.

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